We know that Bryan and College Station are football towns, so we thought the news of Alameda Ta'amu's arrest on suspicion of DUI and his subsequent two-week suspension from the Pittsburgh Steelers might be of interest.

Ta'amu was arrested Oct. 7 after allegedly fleeing police officers and striking four cars in the process. A woman was injured in his flight from authorities, but it isn't clear quite how or what connection she shared with Ta'amu.

Ta'amu has now been charged with felony fleeing police, aggravated assault while driving drunk, three counts of assault and 10 misdemeanors. His next court appearance will be Oct. 23.

On Tuesday, the Seelers' head coach announced that Ta'amu would be suspended without pay for two games. He said the team "deemed his actions to be detrimental to our team. It's a disturbing incident, one we take very seriously in our community."

Ta'amu was charged with DUI in 2011 after an incident in December 2009 when he was playing for the University of Washington.

If even a star athlete can get charged with DUI, there is certainly nothing stopping authorities from charging you as well if you are caught driving while you're intoxicated. The idea that authorities will be lenient with you persists, but it shouldn't. Authorities take drunk driving very seriously, and so should you.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "Steelers suspend Ta'amu for 2 week," Oct. 17, 2012