We've noticed that a lot of the posts we have been bringing you on this blog have not been very cheerful lately, so when we heard this latest story, we thought it might be worth reporting on even though it didn't happen in Bryan or College Station.

The story we're talking about comes from Jonestown, Texas. That's where a former Army soldier who was hit by a supposedly drunk driver was recently given a brand-new home for free.

The veteran of the Iraq war had stopped to help a motorist change a tire last Thanksgiving weekend. As he was changing the motorist's tire, he was struck by a motorist whom he described as a drunk driver. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and broke several vertebrae. Because he was not on active duty at the time, the U.S. Army is not paying for his medical expenses.

The former soldier's road to recovery has been slow and painful, but on Wednesday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry joined representatives from a nonprofit at a groundbreaking ceremony at the site where the nonprofit will build the former solider a new home.

It is not known what, if anything, happened to the allegedly drunk driver who struck the veteran. Regardless, we are always happy to hear stories like this that show Texans caring for their own. Once again, the Lone Star State proves that its citizens are generous, caring and kind.

Source: KVUE-TV, "U.S. Army Veteran paralyzed by drunk driver gets new home," Jessica Holloway, Oct. 17, 2012