Late last month, a Bryan man had a difficult choice to make. Should he drive, even though he had a suspended driver's license, because his friend was far too intoxicated, or should he force his friend to drive, even though that would risk DUI?

In the end, the man decided to drive. Although it seems like there were very few opportunities to make the right decision in that situation, his choice turned out to be an unfortunate one. He was pulled over and arrested around 11:10 p.m. Saturday.

The 28-year-old man came to the attention of police officers after his vehicle was spotted idling on Saunders Street. The man tried to evade police for about four blocks before he finally pulled over.

As police questioned the man, he told them he had not seen their lights or heard the sirens. He tried to explain that he was driving because his friend was too drunk, but once officers determined he had 21 suspensions on his record, he was arrested.

The man has now been charged with driving with a suspended driver's license and fleeing an officer. He was booked into Brazos County Jail and later released after posting $4,000 bail.

Not being able to drive because you have a suspended license is a huge hassle. Our office often works with people who are in this situation. One of our aims is to assess what this person can and must do to retain or retrieve full driving privileges as soon as possible; we understand no one has time to waste.

Source: The Bryan College-Station Eagle, "Police arrest Bryan man with 21 driving suspensions," Oct. 29, 2012