A Houston man was arrested in the Bryan-College Station area on Wednesday and now faces charges of DUI. If he is found guilty, it will be his third DUI conviction.

The 27-year-old man was pulled over after an officer allegedly observed him driving 11 mph over the posted speed limit.

In an arrest report filed in connection with the incident, the arresting officer reported being able to smell the odor of alcohol emanating from the man's breath and from his person.

The report states that the man refused field sobriety tests, which officers often use to determine if a driver who has been pulled over is intoxicated.

The man was taken to St. Joseph Hospital after the officer learned that he had two previous DUI convictions. However, the man refused to allow his blood to be drawn.

The man told the officer that he would fight them and eventually had to be subdued by seven officers. While violent conduct is almost never acceptable, we understand that getting blood drawn is very frightening for many people and feeling that your person is being violated, as one might feel in a situation such as this, is a very scary situation indeed.

The man was eventually taken to Brazos County Jail and booked on one count of felony DUI, one count of resisting arrest and seven counts of obstruction of justice. His bail was set at $69,000.

Once again, we cannot condone violent behavior. Although it can be difficult to know how to conduct yourself after you've been arrested, it's far better to fight the charges against you in a court of law.

Source: The Bryan-College Station Eagle, "Man racks up charges after traffic stop," Nov. 16, 2012