Just hours before a 43-year-old pilot was scheduled to take-off on an international flight to Japan he was involved in a bizarre encounter outside of a hotel.

The accusations against the pilot, as they have been reported by law enforcement, are that the pilot accosted an allegedly innocent victim who was picking up a rental vehicle outside of a hotel. This 66-year-old driver was himself carrying a gun at the time of the incident. When an altercation erupted between the two men for an unknown reason, the older man assaulted the pilot with his gun.

This initial struggle occurred inside of the car, and then moved outside the vehicle. There, the older man alleges that the pilot chased him before jumping into the driver's seat of the rental car and driving off.

Law enforcement officials were contacted. They discovered the pilot bleeding and hurt. They arrested him for theft of the vehicle and drunk driving. However, even though he is being accused of being under the influence, it should be noted that it was not reported why police even had reason to believe he was drunk.

In general, when looking at this case, perhaps there is more to this story than meets the eye. Based upon the reported facts it is entirely possible that the pilot was attempting to flee from the driver and was merely acting out of self-defense when he drove away -- not because he was trying to steal the car.

Looking to the future, these are just some of the facts of the case that may be questioned.

Source: Seattle Times, "Pilot suspected in car theft, DUI hours before Japan flight," Erik Lacitis, Nov. 5, 2012

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