Drivers in Texas must be aware of the serious consequences that can result if they are arrested, charged and convicted for driving while intoxicated. For drivers who are no stranger to such drunk driving charges, it is important to remember that multiple DWI offenses are cumulative, meaning that the penalties for a second or more conviction can become compounded.

This is why it is extremely important to be aggressive in any efforts to avoid a DWI conviction in Texas. Once a conviction is entered upon one's driving record, there is usually no way to go back and erase the past.

A 49-year-old man has been faced with this reality. This man has actually been driving without a driver's license for approximately 20 years. He has also accumulated 13 DWI arrests during his lifetime.

His most recent arrest involved allegations that he was driving with a blood alcohol content more than twice the legal limit. He also reportedly attempted to avoid a DUI arrest by speeding away from law enforcement officials.

As a result of his latest conviction he was sentenced to serve between five and 16 years behind bars, which is a very severe penalty. Technically, if the man serves the full sentence, he would not be out of prison until the age of 65.

In general, the thought of prison time can be quite intimidating to a person who is facing at least a drunk driving charge. However, it's important to not lose hope. Rather, talk with an attorney who has experience handling multiple drunk driving charges. This could end up leading to charges being dismissed, or at the very least, a reduction in the criminal charges.

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