A 38-year-ol Bryan man has been charged with felony DWI and evading arrest after being pulled over in a traffic stop on Sunday.

According to police, a Bryan officer noticed the man run a stop sign at the intersection where Sims Avenue and 28th Street meet.

According to the report filed in connection with the incident, after the vehicle stopped, all of its inhabitants exited. The driver was apprehended a short distance away from the vehicle.

After the driver was apprehended, the officers noticed that he smelled like alcohol. He was taken to St. Joseph Hospital for alcohol tests. The results of those tests have not been publicized, but the man has now been charged with felony DWI, which could net him a $10,000 in fines and a sentence of up to 10 years in prison if he is convicted. (He has been charged with DWI because he has prior DWI convictions.)

We would like to take a moment and stress the seriousness of felony DWI charges. Any DWI charge is serious, but if you have prior DWI convictions, the laws are tougher and judges are far less likely to exhibit any leniency whatsoever.

Source: The Bryan-College Station Eagle, "Driver facing DWI, evading arrest charges," Jan. 14, 2013

  • We believe that anyone faced with a charge as serious as felony DWI needs to be very proactive about informing him or herself. If you have been charged with felony DWI, we hope you are doing your best to gather relevant information. One resource we can offer you is our Felony DWI page.