Authorities in Bryan are said to be mulling charges against a 24-year-old man who got into a one-vehicle car accident on Sunday.

The man was heading down Villa Maria Road early Sunday morning (an exact time has not been released) at what authorities allege was a high rate of speed when he lost control, careened through a fence and almost colliding with a residence.

When authorities responded to the scene, they reportedly observed that the man's eyes were glassy and bloodshot. Supposedly, there was on odor of alcohol emanating from his person and he was speaking in a slurred manner.

Authorities took the man to a local hospital, where a blood sample was taken for testing. The results of that sample have not been publicized yet, but the man has been arrested on suspicion of DWI.

Generally, if a person refuses to submit to a breath test, that allows police to infer that he or she is intoxicated and permits them to arrest the driver. Of course, a blood sample must be taken to determine whether that inference is correct.

The man was not seriously injured in the crash, but it seems to have caused quite a commotion in the area of West Villa Maria Road and Forestwood Drive.

From our perspective, we are just glad this man was not seriously hurt in what sounds like it could have easily been a serious incident. We also wish him luck as he sets about defending his rights in court.

The man could spend up to 18- days in jail and spend $2,000 in fines if he is convicted.

Source: The Bryan-College Station Eagle, "Driver could face DWI charge in single-vehicle wreck," Feb. 4, 2013

  • One reason this story came to our attention is that we often work with clients who are this man's age and are facing similar situations. If you are a young person who is facing alcohol-related charges, we understand it can be frightening because you don't have the familiarity or experience to fight such charges alone. You are always welcome to visit our DWI page and see if you can find helpful information there.