It seems alcohol was behind an unusual incident in Bryan late last week in which a naked woman was arrested by officers after allegedly attempting to assault her boyfriend.

Based on that one-sentence summary, this might sound like a comical incident. We will not deny there is some novelty to be found here, but it is also a set of circumstances in which it seems a woman let alcohol make a fool of her, and that is not something to laugh too loudly about because it could have very real consequences for her.

Police were called to the 900 block of E. 29th Street around 5 a.m. Thursday to investigate a report of a disturbance. There, they said they found the woman, naked, outside and beating on a glass door.

A man who identified himself as the woman's "soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend" told officers the woman had come home drunk, continued to drink and then became wildly uncooperative. He said he locked her out of his residence along with clothing she could put on, but she evidently refused to wear the garments.

As police talked to the man, the woman continued to behave erratically and uncontrollably, throwing objects and flipping over a barbecue pit. It eventually took two officers to subdue her. As the officers were trying to bring her to the ground, she but one of them in the thigh.

The woman has been charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct-exposure and assault on a public servant. The first two charges are Class C misdemeanors and the third is a third-degree felony.

Source: The Bryan-College Station Eagle, "Police: Nude woman swung at, bit Bryan officer," Feb. 9, 2013

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