A few weeks ago, we told Bryan and College Station readers about a striking and unusual incident in which it seemed a suspected drunk driver was killed immediately after causing an accident. At the time, even authorities were at a loss to explain exactly what happened.

Now, we have some more details to report that should fully flesh out the picture.

Here is how authorities claim the story unfolded: Evidently, a father's vehicle had broken down and his two sons were helping him push it home when the 20-year-old victim crashed into them, killing the two sons. Authorities say the father then shot the suspected drunk driver in retaliation.

The father has now been charged with murder. It seems he was filled with rage over what happened and acted on that impulse, with terrible consequences for the 20-year-old and those who loved him.

This story has chilled many a Texas reader, for obvious reasons.

What happened to the man's sons is terrible. There is no question about that. And if the man who hit them was drunk, then he made a mistake. That being said, it cannot be argued that the father's rash action was proportional.

In the U.S., we have the rule of law. That means we do not take matters into our own hands. Rather, we trust that the criminal justice system will take matters and work them out. This is a system we must all respect. We understand it can be frustrating at times to trust an important matter to an abstraction, but this is an arrangement we have perfected and refined over two centuries; trust in it is not misplaced.

Source: The Wichita Eagle, "Father charged in fatal shooting in Texas DUI wreck," Juan A. Lozano, Feb. 11, 2013

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