A Bryan man will spend 12 years in prison after he pleaded guilty last week to his fifth and sixth DWIs, all of which occurred in Brazos County.

The 41-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of DWI Feb. 22, 2012 and then again on March 22, 2012, when he was out on bail after the first DWI arrest. The circumstances of each arrest have not been publicized.

The man has been held without bond since May 11, 2012 because his March 22 arrest violated the conditions on which he was released on bail for his Feb. 22 arrest, including that he obey the law and not consume alcohol.

It seems the man's first DWI conviction was in 1996 and his most recent, other than these two, was in 2008. He was sentenced to three years in prison for the 2008 DWI, but we do not know how much time he actually served.

The man is not eligible for parole until he has served at least two years of his sentence.

We do not know this man personally, but from afar, it seems fair to be concerned that he has a severe problem with alcohol. The fact that he has four DWI convictions already means that he is not able to or interested in changing his behavior, even when there are great consequences and a high personal cost to him.

If this man did indeed drive drunk both of the times he was arrested, he ought to be punished. We just wonder, at this point, what else needs to be done to offer him help and keep the community safe.

Source: The Bryan-College Station Eagle, "Bryan man gets 12 years after 6th DWI," Brooke West, March 30, 2013